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Getting you seen

At Egghead Designs, we believe that a site is not worth making unless it is seen. This why we have invested heavily in the latest SEO web applications, to help give your website the visibility it deserves through a bespoke marketing strategy.

Ranking like a boss

Our digital marketing agency is will work with you to produce SEO optimised content for your company and audience. This investment in building a site primed for organic traffic helps build brand loyalty, brand awareness, and online presence.

User journey

There is more to website design than pretty pictures. We believe in continuous improvement and optimisation of your customer's online journey for the highest possible conversion rates and lead generation.


User tracking is key

As a leading digital marketing agency cookies, heatmaps, live journey recorders, and other fab tools, we know exactly how your target audience is interacting with your brand, helping evolve your digital strategy.

Content is king

Every good digital marketing strategy requires good content marketing. We understand the importance of writing content that is appropriate, optimised for search engines, cluster keyword targetted, and above all...interesting.

Keywords targeting

When creating content, we not only thoroughly research the topic but map out the focus keywords, cluster keywords relating to said keyword, and then compare your article to 100s of other ranking pages on the same topic, looking for way's to not only be similar but be the best authority on any given topic.

Building up your reputation

Experts in reputation management, we locate every area you have an online presence, making sure all of the current information correlates with each other - then we register you with countless other organisations, thus increasing your online footprint.

Increasing your reviews

With our AI review system, your clients will automatically be contacted see if they were happy with the service you provided. If they were not, they will be asked to provide feedback for you to work upon - and if they were satisfied, they would be prompted to leave a review for other potential customers to read.

Marketing to your budget

Experts in paid media, our marketing team can advise you on a budget-friendly strategy to reach new potential customers, be it a PPC campaign, social media, video, digital marketing campaign, podcasts, or something else, we have the ideal digital marketing solutions for you.

Organic Traffic

At Egghead designs, we are advocates of organic traffic. It is free, sustainable and provides better ranking positions than paid advertising. We leverage the power of SEO, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, and amazing content to give you the edge in this digital age.

The face of your business

The first thing your client will see is usually your website. This is why it is vital that the website is an extension of your business, is SEO optimised, fast, clean, and directs the users to the right content through channeling and A/B testing.

Custom designed websites

As a local web design SEO agency that specialises in creating websites for small businesses, we offer the most affordable web design service around.

At Egghead Designs we do not use cookie-cutter templates, every website we create is an original design; tailor-made to help you get found online, to optimise your digital marketing.

Social Media Management

We take the stress out of social media. Our experts will not only curate and create fresh content for your channels but also post on your social media daily - interacting with users, and building your followers. Kings at social media marketing.

Email Bulletins

We use cutting-edge AI to provide your mailing list with content curated for each individual user, increasing open rates dramatically. Additionally, we have custom-made email designs, for every step of your user journey, from news updates, password resets, account creation, and more - as the leading digital agency, you name it, we have it.


To EMPOWER small businesses & companies with the tools and means to reach a wider audience online through the latest technologies without the hefty price tag



We work with you closely, to learn about your audience, goals, strengths and areas of improvement, to put your company on the digital map.



We provide a wide arrange of speciality digital marketing services to suit your needs.