9 AI Tools For Media Creation

AI is the latest digital trend to hit the market as a new form of software that can help marketers become more creative with their content. In addition to letting businesses create engaging content, AI is also capable of handling the tedious task of data collection and organizing it into a meaningful format. In an effort to harness the power of AI for their marketing needs, several companies have released a number of tools designed to help small businesses create engaging, relevant content.

It’s not just for developing apps anymore. Artificial intelligence is quickly moving into the world of media creation, and we’re starting to see big brands and agencies make a lot of use of it. What once required a huge team of paid workers can now be done by a single expert with a laptop and a few hours of coding. If you’d like to learn more about the role AI is going to play in your future content creation, read on.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for media enable you to generate content at scale in previously unthinkable ways, and you don’t even require design expertise to do so.

AI isn’t a new concept. It’s widely used in the film and gaming industries, for example. However, these industries have just touched the surface of AI’s potential.

New AI technologies appear on a seemingly daily basis to assist individuals in creating articles, video scripts, logos, and other content. Naturally, these instruments have piqued the interest of investors. Content producers, marketers, and digital firms, on the other hand, have a lot to contribute.

Let’s take a look at how some of these AI media tools may change the way you operate.

1. Subscribe to a podcast.

Podcastle is a Google Chrome plugin that has received over $1 million in funding. With only a few clicks, you can make your own personalized podcasts.

You can do the following using Podcastle:

  • Transcribing your podcasts in a hurry
  • Text editors are used to generate and modify material.
  • make a podcast out of text
  • recast content
  • capturing live interviews
  • create autosave
  • access to unrestricted content creation and projects

Using Podcastle for the First Time

By clicking the green “create” link in the upper right-hand corner, you may establish a Podcastle account.

Visit the tutorials page for step-by-step guidance on anything you want to accomplish next.

Cost of a Podcastle

With Podcastle’s free service, you may listen to:

  • 45 minutes of audio recordings made just once
  • four hours of audio recordings each month
  • There is enough room for one presenter and two interviewees.
  • audio processing magic

And more.

There’s also a $11.99-per-month “storyteller” bundle. All of the aforementioned are included in Storyteller, as well as the following:

  • increased capability for recording and interviewing
  • Every month, 10 hours of transcribing are required.
  • revoicing and high-quality downloads
  • limitless audio processing magic

2. Let’s Improve

Let’s Enhance evaluates the picture quality, color, contrast, and other factors of any photo you submit. Then, if the image requires improvement, it color corrects and retouches it automatically with little input.

There are also the following features:

  • processing in batches
  • size customized
  • Increasing the resolution
  • upscaling and resizing

This software is not intended just for personal use. Let’s Enhance is also a good choice for real estate and e-commerce, where clear, high-quality pictures are required.

Let’s Enhance: Getting Started

When you upload a picture to Let’s Enhance, the algorithm improves it to the best of its ability without sacrificing quality.

A slider is provided by the algorithm for adjusting characteristics such as contrast, hue, brightness, and saturation. Additional filters may be used as well.

Let’s Improve the Cost

Subscription, business, and pay-as-you-go plans are all available via Let’s Enhance.

Personal usage subscriptions range from $0 for a five-credit trial to $34 per month for 500 picture credits.

Businesses may pay anywhere between $72 and $290 per month for 1,000 to 5,000 credits, as well as API access.

Pay-as-you-go plans vary from $9 to $39 per month and allow you to utilize the software just when you need it.

QuillBot is number three.

QuillBot is one of the few high-quality paraphrase software options available. This is useful when writing lengthy articles and you don’t want to be repetitive. It may also be useful for rewriting product descriptions.

There are two major modes in the program: one with synonyms and one without.

The first keeps the sense of the original phrase while just altering a few words.

The second mode rearranges the words in the phrase to make it seem more natural.

There are also the following features:

  • checker for grammar
  • summarizer
  • generator of references

Using QuillBot for the First Time

Then click the “Para” button after uploading or pasting a document into QuillBot.

There isn’t anything more to say! (However, just to be safe, proofread your work.)

Cost of QuillBot

The free version has a 700-character restriction for paraphrase and a 5,000-character limit for summary. Users who register for free get the following benefits:

  • three choices for synonyms
  • three types of writing styles
  • Extensions for Chrome and Word

Premium unlocks a 25,000 Summarizer and 10,000 Paraphrase character limit, as well as the ability to analyze 15 sentences at once.

  • four choices for synonyms
  • seven different types of writing styles
  • a greater variety of tones
  • sentence expander and shortener

Premium costs $14.95 per month on a month-to-month basis, $9.95 per month on a semi-annual basis, or $6.67 per month on an annual basis.

KinetiX is number four.

KinetiX, located in Europe, has received $608k in capital investment from investors. With fast editing tools and effects, it converts your movies into 3D animations.

There are also the following features:

  • cooperation and personalization
  • prototyping
  • Visualization in three dimensions
  • Characters and animations are available to see.
  • process that is automated

How to Begin Using KinetiX

On the main page of KinetiX, there is a drag-and-drop interface. Simply drag and drop any.fbx file or enter a YouTube URL into the box below and click the “create” button.

You may submit a variety of video files, including your own recordings, MP4 files, and YouTube videos.

After that, the program produces an animated figure in a matter of seconds.

KinetiX Price

For personal usage, the KinetiX tech AI tool is free. Fees start at 15€ per month if you wish to use it for business reasons.

Articoolo is number five.

Articoolo is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing helper that creates material in a fraction of the time it takes to write it yourself.

It also comes with a

  • generator of titles
  • summarizer for articles
  • a writer’s assistant

Most marketers and company owners need content quickly at some point, or you may spend hours searching for the ideal phrase or picture. That’s something this AI software can accomplish fast.

It’s also useful for anybody looking for a place to start with title ideas or rewriting huge amounts of material for reuse.

How to Begin Using Articoolo

To use the tool, just input your subject and then wait for Articoolo to begin working on it. That’s all there is to it!

Articoolo Price

Pay per use prices start at $19 for ten items and go up to $99 for 100.

Subscribers may pay as little as $29 per month for 30 articles or as much as $99 per month for 250.

Word.ai is number six.

Copywriters may use Word.ai to rewrite text in a natural-sounding voice. It can rewrite an article up to 1,000 times, providing users lots of options if they wish to reuse the same piece of material in different ways. It may also be used as a tool for editing.

There are also the following features:

  • sentence reorganization
  • sentence fragments
  • a boost in quality
  • Enhancement of clarity

Using Word.ai for the First Time

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, press the green button. You’ll be sent to the subscription offers if you click the button.
  2. For your chosen choice, click the “start my free trial” button.
  3. After that, Word.ai will prompt you to register and establish a password.

Cost of Word.ai

A three-day trial is offered to new users. After that, you have the option of paying $57 per month or an annual cost of $27 per month (a great bargain!). They provide an enterprise level at different rates for extensive usage.

Synthesia is a term that refers to the act of synthes

Synthesia may be the tool for you if you need to produce video content quickly. You may submit any unique backdrops and your own avatar to each movie, which can be up to thirty minutes long.

The following are some of the features:

  • There are 50 languages to choose from.
  • PowerPoint’s features
  • genuine or synthesized voices
  • music in the background

You may use it for anything other than marketing films or product demonstrations, such as:

  • training
  • private videos
  • Chatbots with video

Synthesia: Getting Started

  1. To make a free demo video and get a better understanding of Synthesia, go to the top right-hand corner and click “create account.”
  2. Enter your words into the browser to begin generating your content. In a few of minutes, you’ll have a finished video.

Synthesia Price

For video credits, personal price is $30 per month. Custom pricing is also possible, but you must contact the sales team for more information.

8. Rephrase.ai

Re.ai is a sophisticated video production platform that allows users to produce and share high-quality films in only a few minutes.

Within the simple interface, you can add text, pictures, animations, and video clips.

Educational and explainer films, customized consumer interactions, digital marketing, and outreach are just a few of the uses. They provide a helpful tutorial to help you learn how the video maker works.

How to Get Started with Re.ai

  1. Begin by registering and choosing the category that interests you.
  2. Answer a series of questions about your intentions for using the software.
  3. After watching a brief instructional film, accept the terms and conditions.

The cost of Re.ai

Plans start at $25 per month for 10 banner credits. One minute of video is equivalent to one credit. Re.ai also offers an enterprise solution; inquire for more information.


Designs.ai includes a logo and banner creator, as well as a mock-up generator, among other AI tools for media production.

Drag objects onto the canvas to create designs, which you can then modify using your mouse or keyboard input. You may also alter the fonts, colors, and backgrounds using variables.

The following are some of the features:

  • storage in the cloud
  • a large image archive
  • a public speaker
  • assistive technology
  • limitless projects and usage
  • kit for branding

Using Designs.ai for the First Time

To get started, click “Attempt for free” in the top right-hand corner, select which project you’d like to try, and follow the instructions.

Cost of Designs.ai

The base tier of Design.ai is $29 per month, while the pro subscription is presently $69 per month. You save 34% if you pay on a yearly basis. Contact them about an enterprise contract if you need large-scale work done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Media Production

What Are the Different Types of AI Media Creation Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for media are widely used and serve a range of applications. Natural language creation, voice synthesis, sentiment categorization, and text summarization are just a few examples.

What Role Do AI Media Tools Play in Content Creation?

Content-generating tools are typically created for a particular purpose and include software-generated texts and graphics. Chatbots and automated translation systems, as well as writing helpers for blogs, social media, and PPC advertising, are all possibilities. The list might go on forever.

These tools may help you save time and money, particularly if you don’t have the skills to generate your own content or graphics.

How Much Do AI Media Tools Cost?

There are a variety of AI technologies available to help you produce content that will attract consumers and increase conversions. The prices vary based on your requirements and the instruments you choose.

What Are the Three Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide phrase that refers to a machine that can mimic human intellect. Narrow AI, broad AI, and superintelligence are the three kinds of AI.

Conclusion on AI Tools for Media Creation

Artificial intelligence has long aided humans in doing routine activities more swiftly and effectively. AI has progressed to the point where it can now create media such as articles and videos.

Even if they don’t have experience producing films, podcasts, or graphic design, a marketer may easily produce high-quality content using these tools.

Even for the most seasoned media professionals, AI solutions for media offer many benefits, such as saving time and freeing up resources for other work.

Tools like Re.Ai, Word.AI, and KinetiX are revolutionizing the way we produce and distribute information

  • Unlock huge quantities of SEO traffic using SEO. Take a look at the outcomes.
  • Content Marketing – Our team produces incredible content that is shared, linked to, and drives traffic.
  • Paid Media – successful paid tactics with a measurable return on investment.

As the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more commonplace in the media creation space, more and more people are interested in AI’s role in their own work, especially in the production of content for digital media. .

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