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Founder of Egghead Designs. Award winning digital guru.


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Founder of Egghead Designs


Hey, I’m Alex, founder of Egghead Designs.

I am a passionate, creative and experienced digital content guru, tired of the boring, low ranking template sites that have been cropping up.  With my range of skills and expertise gained through many fantastic opportunities over the past 20 years working in the media sphere, I decided to go solo and make the web fun again, brining value and personality to each project I work on.

Egghead Designs is based in Kingston, London UK, and over the years I have worked for and alongside some of the largest global brands in the media industry.

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My experience ranges from Web/ App development for The Daily Mirror, video editing and journalism for the Russian State News (Ria Novosti) and CNN, and content management and writing for Campaign Magazine and Marketing Magazine, and would best describe myself as geeky and highly innovative, applying transferable abilities to confidently deliver complex digital projects, including social media / marketing campaigns and web/app development.


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EggHead Designs ~ Website Designer

I pride myself of my technical skills and keeping finger on the pulse of technology. I am always keen to try out and adopt new methods of working as they come along and improve current practices where possible. Throughout my digital media career, I have learnt a lot from holding various positions within the same sphere and I find that this has given me the ability to think outside the box and know from a technical stance what is possible and how to implement new initiatives.

I pride myself on my refined communication and interpersonal skills and I always show maximum commitment to my work. From a professional development perspective, I hold relevant qualifications and remain committed to learning and understanding new technologies. This is further complemented by a broad spectrum of knowledge in modern technologies.


Professional Testimonials

"Alex transformed the way we worked when he first joined the team - he not only has great ideas but he brings them to life, finding solutions to challenges along the way. He has loads of tricks up his sleeve, but if he doesn't know how to fix something, he knows exactly where to look to find the answer quickly. A brilliant team player, helping out everyone who seeks out his expertise. I loved working with Alex - he was a dedicated and hard working part of the team, using his initiative and ingenuity at every turn."
Rachel Barnes - Egghead Designs
Rachel Barnes
Communications director at M&C Saatchi London
"I have had the pleasure of working with Alex for a while now on various projects and it is clear that his knowledge of all things digital is second to none. He is always happy to help however big or small the project may be and goes above and beyond the expectations I have. He always looks for better ways to do something and doesn't settle for anything less than perfect. I will continue to go to him with social media, content and technical problems that I may have and I am sure I will continue to be dazzled by his technology skills."
Haymarket - Egghead Designs
Charlie Gordon-Smith
Senior Marketing Executive at Haymarket Media Group