Best Contact Management Software You Should Consider Using

In marketing, a contact management system is a software system designed to keep track of the information about contacts, such as name, address, email, phone numbers, etc. There is a lot of different kinds of contact management software available and choosing the one that is right for your business can be a hard decision.

In the digital world, it is very important to be able to keep your customer’s contact details on your own database. This is very useful when you have to engage your customers for business. However, none of the best contact management software is free, which is very disturbing when you are trying to get customers for your business and none of your competitors have paid for the software.

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Building a list of contacts is good, but not being overwhelmed by them is not.

The best contact management software goes beyond storing basic information and helps your staff keep track of every interaction. Turn prospects into potential buyers and manage the transfer process with ease. More potential cases falling through the cracks.

Streamline the process to close sales faster, retain your most valuable customers and grow your business.

But how do you find the right contact manager to integrate with your sales system?

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll introduce you to the five best contact management tools on the market and show you their best features and pricing.

#1 – HubSpot test – the best free contact management software

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HubSpot is a powerful, free contact management system with a host of tools to improve your sales cycle from start to finish.

HubSpot is offering a free version of its award-winning customer relationship management (CRM) software. Contact management is one of the main services included in this package, but you will also find tools for sales, marketing and customer service departments.

HubSpot focuses on inbound marketing – the company practically invented it. This gives you many features designed to attract new prospects to your website and products. Once you’re interested, HubSpot’s contact management features help you build and track your audience.

For a free product, this is incredibly rich.

If you focus only on the list of contact management tasks you can do for free with HubSpot software, you’ll get a long list. You can track contact website activity, transactions and company information, manage ticket sales, manage advertising, track and notify by email and even integrate Messenger.

HubSpot’s free contact management software is a great springboard for more diverse and growth-oriented contact management as your business grows, because you can upgrade to one of their paid CRM plans at any time without having to migrate.

If you’re just getting started with contact management and want to get the most out of your contacts in terms of sales strategy with a limited budget, I recommend starting with HubSpot’s free tools to get a good start.

Get started with HubSpot for free here.

#2 – Bigin at a glance – the best for easy contact management

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SMEs are not always able to use the instruments created for them. Bigin (formerly Zoho Contact Manager) wins the award for a simple but reliable and user-friendly contact manager.

A single dashboard brings all the data together so you can make strategic decisions and manage all your employees at a glance. You can think of it as your personal Yellow Pages, but ten times more useful.

For example, you can B. Add preferred labels to contacts to quickly find what you’re looking for and view expected income figures and upcoming tasks.

Bigin facilitates closing transactions by scheduling follow-up actions and tracking results, all on an intuitive dashboard.

Bigin’s simplicity is also reflected in its pricing structure. Here is a brief overview:


  • A user
  • 500 contacts
  • A pipeline

Express – $7/user/month

  • 50,000 contacts
  • 5 Pipelines
  • Add 10,000 more contacts for $1/month
  • Up to 20 user fields per module and 10 user dashboards

It’s that simple. A user with a pipeline can manage up to 500 contacts for free and forever. And the salary level is not a problem either.

Start here with Bigin and go beyond managing a simple contact list.

#3 – Pipedrive review – the best for visual contact management

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Pipedrive is popular not only because of its wide range of CMS tools, but also because it makes the whole process of contact and sales management simple and uncomplicated. It is used by more than 90,000 companies in over 170 countries and by industry giants such as Vimeo, Amazon and Re/Max.

Pipedrive is a highly intuitive system that makes it easy to update and automate contact tasks and sales calls. Convenient drag-and-drop features and a clean, intuitive interface make this an easily customizable and user-friendly system.

Equipped with a visual dashboard, they are unmatched in terms of functionality, and offer many tools for powerful contact management, such as B. Automated tasks, pipelines, and smart lists that track when you last contacted potential customers.

You can test Pipedrive free of charge for 14 days at any time. Don’t hesitate to spend a few days trying out all the features of the software to make sure they are right for the business. The climbing plans are further divided into four levels:

  • The essential – 12.50
  • Advanced – 24.90
  • Pro – 49,90
  • Company – 99

#4 – Zendesk testing – the best for reporting and analysis

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Zendesk is a dynamic CMS that focuses on the analytical and reporting aspects of contact management.

The last thing you want is to gather an exhaustive list of potential customers and not know what to do with them because you lack data. Zendesk Analytics allows you to better communicate with your prospects through built-in analytics.

You can use it to track agent actions, call response times and chat interactions. Extensive reporting options keep you in control of all contact moments in the sales cycle. This makes it easy to increase the efficiency of every salesperson on your team.

The pricing structure of Zendesk can be specific, depending on the solutions and features you are looking for. Contact and relationship management levels start at $19 per seat.

Here is a brief overview of the price levels:

  • Team – $19 per seat per month
  • Professional – $49 per seat per month
  • Business – $99 per workstation per month
  • Elite – $199 per seat per month

Get started with a free demonstration of Zendesk here.

#5 – Salesforce Review – The best scalable CMS

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Contact management software that grows with you and provides powerful tools that go beyond the basics? There is a tool for that. It’s called Salesforce.

The purpose of the CMS is to improve the efficiency of daily operations, so you are not surprised by missed sales or missed opportunities to build relationships.

Salesforce achieves this by providing tools to create a solid contact management foundation. This means contact history, survey responses and email responses. But they go a step further with their social data tool that lets you know what your customers are saying about your products and services.

And not only that: Salesforce makes it easy to collaborate with everyone in your organization. You can share documents, comments, analysis, sales history and any other information related to investment returns.

It is also possible to manage contacts on the go via the mobile application. You can join the conversation from anywhere with lots of information upfront about your customer. This incredible set of tools makes Salesforce not only a contact management tool, but also a system for closing sales, which is why it’s in my top 5.

Below is information on the different plans they offer:

  • Substantial – 25
  • Professional – 75
  • Company – 150
  • Unlimited – 300

Each plan shall include

  • Management of accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Email integration with Gmail and Outlook
  • Access to the Salesforce mobile application and all its features

The higher the level, the more access to customizable features and tools. Fortunately, you shouldn’t jump right into a plan without checking how it works.

Salesforce also gives you the ability to test each price point before making a decision.

Try Salesforce for free here and see which package best suits your contact management needs.

What I looked for to find the best contact management software

When choosing the best contact management software, it’s not enough to ensure that it offers the standard tools of a contact management software (CMS), such as sales tracking, customer notes, emails and sales history.

Your business is unique and so are your CMS needs. Therefore, it is difficult to establish a universal CMS that can be used in a particular sales or industry scenario.

You should also consider the size of your team, your plans for expansion and revenue growth, and the optional features in your industry.

In addition, there are a number of specific key factors to consider when trying to make the best choice in a sea of software. Use these criteria to ensure you make the best investment in contact management.

Reporting and analysis capabilities

Some contact management systems are more focused on reporting and sales analysis than others. Depending on how you manage the sales process, this could be a valuable asset or just an additional feature for your team.

Today, contact management software is becoming more robust in terms of the analytics it can gather to help you make the best sales decisions. Some can measure everything from chat interactions to sales calls, email responses and even what your potential customers are saying about you or your competitor’s product or service on social media.

The decision on how deep you want to go into contact management analysis ultimately depends on your sales goals and budget. Consulting your sales team may be a good idea to make the final decision.

Sales processes and software

The sales process you use to sell printers will not necessarily be the same as the process you use to sell high-end auto parts. It also means that you want to find a CMS that fits every unique selling proposition your team is constantly dealing with.

If done right, this can result in a better return on investment, a shorter sales cycle and higher sales. At this stage, it makes sense to spend time testing every potential CMS that seems attractive to your sales team. Most offer a demo or a free 14-day trial.

These tests are there for a reason. I highly recommend you use them before committing.

User experience

The more integrations and scalable features a CMS has, the greater the learning curve it is likely to have. It is important to take this into account when considering the successful implementation of a system in your sales department.

Furthermore, usability is an essential part of the process, as user experience applies to both front-end customer-facing functions, such as contact forms and chatbots, and back-end functions that salespeople must interact with on a daily basis.

A powerful set of features is almost useless if your sales team is constantly struggling to use them or if the integration proves too complicated to work properly.

This also raises the question of the support capabilities of the chosen CMS and whether there are additional training opportunities such as forums, chat rooms or even training webinars.


The right contact management system can mean the difference between consistent sales, shorter sales cycles and more effective overall business growth.

But it all starts with figuring out what your sales needs are, how to implement your sales strategy, and what to optimize to increase your return on investment. Once you’ve identified your key needs, you can start narrowing down your list of potential customers.

All of my recommendations are excellent products, but each has its own strengths:

  1. HubSpot – the best free contact management software
  2. Bigin is the best option for easy contact management
  3. Pipedrive – the best for visual contact management
  4. Zendesk – the best for reporting and analysis
  5. Salesforce – the best scalable contact management software

For effective contact management, I choose HubSpot for its extensive list of free tools and Salesforce for its versatility and customization options. Use this test as the basis for your final decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best contact management software?

The best contact management software is the one that you are most comfortable with.

Which CRM should I use?

There are many CRM systems available, but the most popular ones are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zoho.

What are the top 5 CRM systems?

Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM and SugarCRM.

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