Best WordPress Booking Plugins – 2021 Review

Bookings plugins are your best friends when you opt to take your small business online and bookings are the backbone of your online business. Booking plugins are software programmes that help you schedule reservations, book appointments, manage bookings on your website without you having to spend hours on it. However, choosing the right one is not an easy task. In this blog post, I will guide you through the best WordPress bookings plugins of 2021.

In this article we aim to discover the best WordPress booking plugins available today. There are currently many booking plugins available, and choosing the right one can be a little tricky. We’ve done the hard work for you, and have selected the 11 best WordPress booking plugins for your use.

Taking the work of booking your site online out of you hands is a daunting task for many webmasters. For some, the fear is there will be too much on their plate. For others, they’re concerned they’ll never get done what they’ve already set out to do. The truth is, if you’re serious about building a successful business online, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s where the power of bookings comes in. With the booking plugins specifically designed for WordPress, you can focus on creating content, while our system handles the tedious work of managing your bookings and payments.

word-image-6793 Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means we may receive a commission if you click on some of our links. Does your company book medical appointments online? Looking for the best WordPress booking plugins to help you streamline your workflow and increase customer satisfaction? An effective booking plugin can be an important piece of the puzzle for your business. Once you find the right one, you avoid the possibility of losing customers to flawed or imperfect plugins that don’t do their job. In this guide, I cover some of the best WordPress booking plugins that will help you manage all your appointments with ease. Reviewing my best options will help you make the best decision for your unique business needs. Let’s get started.

#1 – StartBooking Overview – the best place to start when planningservice dates.

word-image-6794 StartBooking offers a powerful WordPress booking plugin that you can easily download and install to handle all your service planning needs. They offer a clear interface to customers who can choose from a predefined list of services with available times and dates. Once they are ready to make an appointment, StartBooking efficiently captures all their information so they are ready to go. This makes StartBooking an exceptional option for WordPress users who want to provide their customers with a clean, professional online booking experience they can trust. If you want to accept online payments while your customers book an appointment, StartBooking integrates with Stripe to facilitate payment processing. Some of their best booking options:

  • Provides a fully customizable booking plugin, so you can tweak it to book meetings exactly how you want them booked.
  • Easy integration with Google Calendar
  • Manage how customers view booking options and services from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Reservation and management of an unlimited number of appointments
  • Access critical booking analytics to continuously track the performance of your business from month to month.
  • Assign different employees to different meeting times
  • Determine booking times to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Possibility to book classes and groups

Price levels include:

  • Individual – $12 per month for unlimited sites and meetings
  • Business – $28 per month for unlimited locations and meetings

Both levels offer custom fields, closing dates and customizable emails. A business plan is best suited for a team with multiple schedules and includes advanced support for reporting and prioritization. Test StartBooking here for free for 14 days.

#2 – Bookly Pro Review – the best for working withemployees

word-image-6795 A plugin like Bookly Pro is the best choice if you work with employees and need a lot of assignable booking functions in the background. The plugin has already been downloaded over 34,000 times by companies who want reliable control over their booking flow. With Bookly Pro, you can keep your employees informed with automatic notifications of upcoming deadlines and let them know when they’ve made a purchase. Bookly lets you connect all your employees and their Google calendars to any number of services available for booking. This way you can manage your team and different reservations without confusion. It is this feature that makes Bookly a very effective booking plugin when you are managing a growing team. Although Bookly offers a free version of the plugin, if you want access to support and advanced booking features, it’s best to make a one-time payment to get full access to everything they offer. Some of his best features:

  • Beautiful weave and front panel design
  • Fully responsive booking features that work on all screen sizes.
  • Integration with Google Calendar and WooCommerce
  • Accept payments through multiple payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal.
  • Integrated analysis with a large number of booking statistics.
  • Provides the ability to connect to a number of third party systems via Zapier.

Bookly Pro costs $89, a one-time fee that includes future upgrades and six months of support. You can also pay an additional $31.50 to extend your support for up to 12 months. Buy Bookly Pro now. word-image-6796 The Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce really does it all when it comes to booking just about anything online once you integrate and use it with WooCommerce (a robust WordPress e-commerce store plugin). You can use it to process reservations for hotels, gyms, party rentals, apartments, and more once you set up with your WooCommerce store. With the Booking & Appointment For WooCommerce plugin, you can make same day or multiple day equipment rentals or hotel bookings with just a few clicks. If you already have a WooCommerce store built on WordPress, adding a booking and appointment plugin can completely transform your shopping experience with an easy to use booking and appointment interface on both the backend and frontend. Some of the best features of the Booking & Appointment plugin:

  • Synchronization with Google Calendar for administrators and customers.
  • Easy setup and automation of SMS reminders
  • Activate time slots configured according to the customer’s local time zone.
  • Multilingual display in more than 60 languages
  • View all your scheduled appointments in calendar or list format.
  • You can make reservations for multiple products on multiple dates.

You pay an annual subscription fee for the license. The levels are :

  • Starter – $119 for one memory
  • Business – $199 for five stores
  • Enterprise – $249 for unlimited affiliates

All three licenses include all major features, including flexible branding, exception dates, custom booking calendar, multilingualism and time zone conversion. Get started with Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce here.

#4 – Bookingo Review – The best to plancourses and lessons

word-image-2481 Recently, many aspects of business have faded into the background. If you teach courses or provide training, you probably combine face-to-face teaching with video conferencing. This is when Bookingo is ideal for maintaining and expanding your education or training business. This WordPress booking plugin from QuanticaLabs is specifically designed for those who offer courses on a recurring basis. It provides everything you need to easily publish course and session information, and the customizable fields allow you to tailor the plugin to the needs of your industry. By default, you can specify start and end dates, the duration of each course and class, participant limits, recurring dates, location (or a link to a virtual course), instructor contact information, and any other information. You will receive an unlimited number of booking forms, courses and course groups. This makes it ideal for companies involved in training or education. Divide the series of classes by instructor or subject and book as many as you like. Even better: If your training service is growing rapidly, you can even support payment in any international currency. That way, your course on improving or adding a skill can receive students from all over the world. Bookingo already includes many other features, and the developers at QuanticaLabs are constantly updating the plugin to add new features and meet users’ needs. You can buy Bookingo for $40 on EnvatoMarket and it comes with six months of support. You can easily renew this support for another year for an additional $13.13.

#5 – BirchPress Review – the best for easy payments

word-image-6797 BirchPress is a robust WordPress booking plugin that is ideal if you want to accept PayPal and credit card payments seamlessly. This way, you can easily process payments without having to find a third-party payment gateway to make your life miserable. If you don’t want to use PayPal as your payment gateway, you can use the WooCommerce integration to accept payments through other available gateways. Especially if you’re in the health, fitness, automotive, beauty and salon industries, BirchPress makes it easy to schedule and manage meetings right from your WordPress dashboard. Even if you always keep appointments and collect payments, you won’t always be available. The BirchPress holiday block allows you to choose the dates that are not available for booking throughout the year. The simple features BirchPress offers, along with the ability to sync with more than one payment option, make it the best booking plugin for online appointment management. Here are some useful features of BirchPress:

  • You can integrate display features into any page or article using their shortcodes.
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Outlook, iPhone or Android to import and export appointments.
  • Easily send reminders and emails when someone makes, changes or cancels an appointment.
  • Tailor your meetings to your needs by configuring the registration forms accordingly.
  • Developer-friendly plugin with advanced customization options

Once you have paid a lump sum that matches your company’s budget, you can quickly start booking. Here is a breakdown by price level:

  • Staff – 99
  • Business – 199
  • Business+ – 249

All plans include one year of support and upgrades, automatic email notifications, and a holiday shutdown. The Business+ package is the only package that supports WooCommerce integration. Get started with BirchPress today or watch a live demo here.

What I looked at to find the best WordPress booking plugins

Booking plugins offer many different features that can improve the way you organize your business meetings. Any booking plugin worth having offers a great user experience, integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site, and simplifies the onboarding and appointment process. However, you should go a step further and look at some important criteria that will help you choose the best plugin that will give what you need. To choose a plugin that is right for you, you need to be clear about your business goals so that you know exactly what you need the plugin for. Do you record online sales calls with potential customers? Do you hold personal meetings on site? Do you need to enter payment information at the time of booking? Do you make appointments or reservations? Some plugins have features like drop-down menus for multiple appointments, the ability to revise and reschedule appointments, a dashboard that allows you to easily view and manage your calendar, or automatic appointment reminders triggered by bookings. Here are some other things I considered when researching and choosing the best WordPress booking plugins. Use these factors in your research and in choosing what is best for you.

Online payments

Some plugins are designed to accept online payments without using a third-party payment gateway. This can be useful for you as a business owner if you demand payment at the time of booking. The ability to accept payments in the booking plugin can save you a lot of time. This way, you don’t have to integrate any additional plugins that can slow down your website.

Calendar display

Would it be easier to book appointments on your website if your plugin offered a calendar view for you and your clients? Using a plugin with a calendar view can be a good option if you offer appointments over a certain period of time or if your business is based on services.


Your booking plugin is useless if you can’t easily enter your appointments from your mobile device. A large proportion of online traffic is generated by mobile devices, as opposed to traditional browsing on desktop computers. It’s always best to use booking plugins that are up to date and offer mobile compatibility. Using display plugins that have not been recently revised or updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress can backfire if you are not careful.


It would probably be too much information to process at once. I’ve made a list of the best display plugins for WordPress that you can use right away and that go beyond the basics. To help you choose the best WordPress booking plugin, here is a brief overview of the plugins I recommend:

  1. StartBooking – the best for service appointments
  2. Bookly Pro – the best solution for employees
  3. Booking & Appointment For WooCommerce Plugin – Best Used With WooCommerce
  4. Bookingo – the best for planning workouts and classes
  5. BirchPress – The best for easy payment collection

The ball is in your court. Is there a booking plugin that worked better for you than others? Let me know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best booking plugin for WordPress?

There are several important elements that must be considered while selecting a booking plugin.  Integration: This is the most important aspect of a booking plugin. I am sure you have heard about plugin conflicts, this often arises when two plugins have similar functionality with one or the other plugin taking over the functionality of the other.  Many plugins have plugins that they use to perform their functionality so it can be difficult to navigate and understand what is going on.  So, make sure you purchase a plugin that is not using any of the plugins that you use.  In our plugin review we will make sure you are not using a plugin that is already in use.  Support: Make sure that the plugin you select has a good support WordPress has become a powerful tool that makes it easy for anyone to create a website and start a blog or online store. The internet is full of countless WordPress themes and plugins that give you the necessary tools to quickly turn your site into a powerful information source. However, not all of these plugins are helpful and useful. When you need to choose the best WordPress plugin for your site, you can trust the work of Egghead Design. We have reviewed all of the available plugins for WordPress and we have created the ultimate list of the top 30 best WordPress plugins.

What is a booking plugin?

A booking plugin is a website tool that allows you to book your own classes online. For this review, I’ve selected three different popular booking plugins. Booking plugins help make the process of adding and editing bookings on your site faster and easier. Booking plugins allow you to quickly create a booking form in your WordPress site with a single click, without the need to edit text markup or add custom widgets. Booking plugins allow you to add a booking form to your WordPress site with a single click, without the need to edit text markup or add custom widgets.

Does WordPress have a booking feature?

WordPress is a popular blogging platform for the web. It has been used by millions of WordPress users around the world to build websites. As such, it has become popular for people to use it to find a job. This has led to the development of a plugin that allows people to create their own jobs on the platform. Did you know there is a booking feature on WordPress? It’s true. The booking plugin has been around for a while, but more recently it has become more popular and has been featured on publications like WP Mayor. The booking plugin allows you to create booking forms in seconds and allows you to display your schedule in front of the right people.

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