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Whole Education

Organisation website

Whole Education is a non-profit organisation which specialises in connecting schools to better the futures of students through shared learning. Working with the team for 3 months was a pleasure, getting to know them very well, and working to create their ideal website which best represented the organisation. This was considered a large scale project, not only due to the brand re-design, and additional functions required, but also the backlog of articles they had produced over the last decade, which needed incorporating into the new site with current styling.

After a successful launch, greeted with much appraise, we then arranged for in-house training of the Whole Education team, on how to best use the new site, produce dazzling case studies & news articles, taxonomy understanding and general maintenance.

It was a great pleasure working with this team, something I will not forget shortly.

Alsager Swimming Club

Re-design of children’s swimming club

Alsager’s  board of directors chose Egghead Designs due to a great experience with other sites in the past.

Alsager swimming group wanted a more dynamic, functional site, which allowed their members to keep up-to-date with the latest news and classes. Working closely with them, we managed to provide a new modern style responsive site which represented their brand and club colours.

Egghead Desisns


Business website

I was a pleasure working with the team of Rebel Nineteen to help launch their new talent agency.

Due to the nature of the business, website security and GDPR compliance was crucial with this build – which was tackled with an array of premium software built into the site.

The new website does a great job at conveying the companies bright, inclusive and friendly ethos, while still maintaining a professional look.

Multiple streams of communication methods have been used, allowing visitors to their site to easily contact the right department via pre-built contact forms, tailored to the specific needs.

Rewrite the Story

New modern business site

Rewrite the story came to us March 2019, requesting a new business site, which would;

a) Follow their brands style

b) Stand out and not look too B2B, while maintaining a look of professionalism

c) Be easily expandable,as they grow as a business.

We are proud to have delivered on all fronts and within their budget and deadline, with a page which we a very proud of.

D&T Decorating

D&T Decorating requested a new website which would allow them to showcase their stunning work to potential customers.

This was an enjoyable project as the client was very hands on, which allowed us to fine tune the tailoring of their new site to their ideal specification.

The site features not only multiple responsive galleries, but also dynamic before and after sliders, highlight the quality of their work.

Media 360 (event)

Improving their site

(To be published soon)

In 2019, Media 360, who have already had a long standing recognised site, turned to us to modernize the look and feel of their site for their users.

Having personally worked in the event industry for many years, we had a good understanding on what works and what doesn’t.
Working with what their own developers had started with, we vastly improved the look and feel of the site – providing the event page with an amazing thematic sense. Bespoke videos, supported by parallax headers, more call to actions, a slicker UX, users will be spoilt by the new design layout.

The new site is set to go live in the coming.


Egghead Designs
Egghead Designs


Site & brand design

Ajika came to us asking a lot, for a little. We delivered. Creating an e-commerce website, stylish, slick yet still in budget we not only created their consumer facing website, but also designed their product labels and advertising.

Registered their SSL certificate for consumer safety, ran their ad campaigns, and continued to provide support throughout their success.

The results?

Ajika is now doing very well, where as previously most of their sales came from live events (fairs), they now receive 80% of their sales through their website and Amazon page, respectively.



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