Google Bans Specific Verticals from YouTube Masthead

Google recently announced that they would be banning videos from specific verticals from appearing in the YouTube masthead. This has caused some controversy among the YouTube community, but many are questioning the decision. Some argue that this is an overreaction on Google’s part, while others say that this is a positive thing.

Google announced on Monday that it is banning accounts that violate YouTube’s terms of service and/or community guidelines on the Google-owned video-sharing site.Since YouTube is a Google property, this means that these companies will likely have to find a new place to host their content. Although Google has not released the list of banned sites, it seems like the list will be significantly smaller compared to the more than a thousand sites banned earlier this year in response to the Logan Paul “suicide forest” video.

Google is pulling the plug on its YouTube video ‘masthead.’ The search giant has decided that it will no longer allow some marketers to use their own customized versions of their YouTube channels as part of their YouTube marketing strategy. The latest announcement comes after a few months of testing that has revealed it will have a negative impact on brand promotion, and the YouTube team is…

Google will reportedly ban ads in the YouTube masthead for certain verticals. These restrictions overlap with existing restrictions for many of the same verticals. Currently, the following verticals involved are known:

  • Sale of alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Prescription drugs
  • Elections and political advertising

Preview of the YouTube masthead for a desktop device


YouTube Masthead Ads

A YouTube ad unit is an ad that appears at the top of the YouTube homepage. The Google Ads help page describes this block as follows: These are the video ads that appear at the top of the YouTube homepage. YouTube’s home stream is a very important destination for viewers, and advertising in the footprint allows you to be top of mind in that home experience. Buying advertising from Masthead means targeting the reach of the campaign and controlling the budget and frequency. Purchased Masthead ads are available on YouTube on desktops, mobile apps and the YouTube TV app.

Example of an ad for a mobile device on YouTube

word-image-2890 The ad unit in the masthead is shown to visitors on the YouTube homepage and is subject to stricter advertising policies. View More information below Ads targeting YouTube behemoths, for example, must be approved at least 48 hours in advance. Suspicious ad units must be approved by a Google sales representative 48 hours before display. According to Google’s YouTube rules: Mast ads are only available by pre-order from a Google representative. Advertising units in the masthead must also comply with the existing policy for sensitive verticals.

Example of YouTube advertisement for television

Masthead marked by Google as relevant to advertisers for this purpose: word-image-2891

  • Ensuring mass notification or awareness
  • plan their purchases in advance and do not want to be dependent on auctions.
  • Highlight your brand or service in the main stream of YouTube.

View More information below

New restrictions on advertising in legal notices

Axios reports that there will be new restrictions on certain verticals. According to the report: YouTube will stop accepting ads from certain verticals, including alcohol sales, gambling, prescription drugs, and election and political ads, for its main ad unit, Axios has learned. The reason given for limiting these verticals to advertising in the masthead is to improve usability. You can already place ads in these verticals, but with restrictions. The mast restrictions imposed on these verticals reinforce the existing restrictions.

Restrictions which are not wholly unexpected

Search marketing and PPC expert Kenny Hyder said he was surprised these verticals haven’t been banned yet. View More information below He pointed out, I’m surprised it took so long, these are standard categories with political restrictions. Especially since YouTube has a large audience of children, I think this is long overdue. I agree with Mr Haider that these restrictions are not entirely surprising. He added, Perhaps this is because more and more advertisers are starting to use video creativity and have had to play catch-up. On all other Google platforms, these topics are already severely limited.


Sensation: YouTube bans masthead ad buying from certain ad verticalsGoogle has banned certain verticals from appearing on YouTube’s homepage. This has affected the way Google search results are displayed–a site called TheCyberCafe had its main page removed. The Cyberspace Cafe describes itself as “a place to share information, opinions, and stories about technology and the Internet,” whereas Google describes the company as “the world’s largest search engine.” The removal of TheCyberCafe’s main page from YouTube may indicate a move by Google to consolidate the Web’s information on a single page.. Read more about youtube masthead 2021 and let us know what you think.

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