Google Launches New Way to Optimize Videos For Search

Video is everywhere. In fact, an online video was the #1 search and social topic from 2011 to 2016. As the video space has matured, so have the tools for optimizing your videos for search. Your video title, description, and tags will help your video appear in more relevant search results. However, a lot of content owners may not have the resources to hire a SEO expert to optimize their videos, which is where video creators can use tools like Yoast to optimize their videos for search.

YouTube is a great place to find video tutorials or find an entertaining video to watch. I’ve found some great videos on it, including one about how to make a video. Google’s new update to YouTube shows the video text right alongside it, in a dedicated space, allowing you to quickly skim through and find what you’re looking for.

Google today announced a new feature to its YouTube video platform that makes it easier for users to optimize and amplify their videos on the go. That’s right, Google has just added a mobile app that makes it easier to edit video clips and audio, and help make them search-optimized.

When videos are published on a creator’s own website rather than YouTube, Google has a new approach to optimize them for search results.

Publishers may now code their videos for the ‘key moments’ rich snippet, which allows users to jump straight to specific video chunks.

This is simple to do with a YouTube video because all you have to do is add timestamps to the video description.

Previously, uploading a video to a creator’s website was more difficult because the site owner had to manually label each part.

All that’s left for site owners to do now is inform Google the URL pattern for skipping to a specific time stamp within a video.


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Then, using AI, Google will detect significant times in the video and offer links to those moments immediately in search results.

This feature, known as SeektoAction, was first introduced at Google I/O earlier this year and has been in testing for several months.

Google is bringing the function out of beta and making it available to any website that posts videos.

Here’s more information on SeekToAction and how it may be used to boost video visibility in search results.

SeekToAction Video Markup Explained

Videos, like any other sort of schema.org structured data, can use SeekToAction markup.


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The following is an example of the code:

Google Launches New Way to Optimize Videos For Search

There are a few things site owners need to keep in mind when implementing the SeekToAction video markup:

  • Your URLs must be able to deep link into a point in the video other than the beginning. http://www.example.com/example?t=30, for example, begins 30 seconds into a film.
  • A page where people can see the video must have VideoObject structured data.
  • Use the SeekToAction markup on any video page where you want Google to recognize critical moments automatically.
  • Google must be able to get your video content files in order to automatically identify crucial moments in your video.
  • A total video duration of at least 30 seconds is required.
  • The required properties from the VideoObject structured data documentation must be included in the video.

The SeekToAction markup, according to Google, is only applicable to movies posted on one’s own website. This markup is not supported by any other third-party systems.

The Clip markup can be used instead of SeekToAction if site owners choose to manually identify crucial moments in a video rather than relying on Google to do so.


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