How to Write a Perfect Facebook Post

The perfect Facebook post is one that gets the most reactions, shares, and comments. It’s more than just doing something “nice” on Facebook—it’s about creating content that people love and share on their own timelines.

I’m happy to announce that I released a new book called “How to Write a Perfect Facebook Post”, that has been aligned with Facebook’s guidelines for writing a post. The book shows you how to use Facebook’s popular analytics tools to find which of your posts are performing the best, how to publish more often, and how to write social posts that get more engagement and better performance.

Today I’m going to tell you how to write a perfect Facebook post. That’s right, one that will have your friends asking, “How’d you do that!??” And the answer is going to be a simple one. The post will have a bunch of great information (that you’ve already published on your website), but it will also be loaded with the right kind of Facebook outreach. That means it won’t mention your site, or any of your products, but it will include some link-backs to your social media accounts. And, it will include a call to action..

how to write the perfect fb post

Have you ever felt like your Facebook updates don’t get the attention they deserve?

Every marketer wishes to receive greater attention. After all, isn’t that what social media marketing is all about?

The difficulty is that unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it might be tough to gain attention on Facebook.

The key to increasing Facebook interaction is to optimize your posts so that they stand out.

We’ll show you how to regularly write engaging content in this post.

There’s no need to wait for likes and comments any longer. No more devoting 20 minutes to each post’s creation and curation.

You simply want a simple procedure that yields results.

That’s precisely what we’ll talk about—but first, let’s define involvement.

Facebook Post Engagement Metrics

Have you ever wondered what receives the most likes and comments on a Facebook post?

Engagement, according to Facebook, is an umbrella phrase that refers to all of the actions individuals do as a result of what you post.

Here are some examples of Facebook engagement:

  • shares
  • reactions
  • saves
  • likes
  • comments
  • Interactions
  • the video is being played
  • the number of times a link is clicked
  • Views of photographs

The following engagement metrics can be deduced from these actions:

  • the cost of each interaction
  • the number of times a link is clicked
  • post your thoughts
  • page interaction

The importance of engagement metrics is that they allow you to track how well your content is received by your target audience.

In general, the more your audience interacts with your posts, the greater your total reach on Facebook.

What motivates your audience to respond to your post?

What kind of content do you think your audience might enjoy?

facebook post engagement pie graph

Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

Interesting, topical, and humorous Facebook updates are popular.

You don’t have to check all of those boxes with every post, but you do have to make something worth reading.

When Starbucks, for example, asks for audience participation, such as in this piece, they get the most engagement.

facebook post- hand holds starbucks cup in front of yellow and white flowers

Special announcements are also well-received.

Facebook post - strawberry Frappuccino sits on orange table for starbucks

These types of updates are fascinating, important, and occasionally amusing. They are an inspiration to Starbucks fans, and they have excellent photography to boot.

You can utilize the same strategies to drive your Facebook strategy even if you aren’t as big as Starbucks.

Overall, keep in mind that your material should be entertaining, important, timely, and funny (if it fits your brand).

Let’s have a look at how each of these functions.

Writing Engaging Facebook Posts: Some Pointers

If you’re ready to start producing interesting pieces, you’ll need to start with a strategy that caters to the interests and demands of your target audience.

To amaze your Facebook audience and increase your inbound leads, follow these seven tips.

1. Turn your Facebook post into a useful resource.

Your target audience is looking for material that is related to their interests.

They also want content that is both informative and entertaining.

Because Starbucks’ new product announcements are useful, they receive a lot of attention.

When a Starbucks client reads the post, they become enthusiastic about the possibility of trying a new drink or snack item.

Being a helpful source of knowledge is the key to making intriguing Facebook posts.

Consider the grocery retailer Safeway, which provides users with useful information about healthy eating.

Plus, they get to promote a partner product while also reaping the benefits of influencer marketing!

Safeway, you’ve done a fantastic job. We are aware of your presence.

Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts - Make Your Facebook Post a Source of Useful Information

2. Incorporate audience feedback into your topics

The benefit of internet marketing is that you can quickly send curated content to your users.

You may enhance engagement metrics on your branded Facebook posts by generating content that is tailored to their needs.

How can you figure out what your target audience enjoys?

Facebook Audience Insights, for example, may show you which pages your followers like, what they buy, how much time they spend on Facebook, and much more.

Other data-gathering platforms include Google Analytics, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite Analytics (though not all of these tools are free).

Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts - Use Audience Insights

3. Be the first to hear about breaking industry news.

In the field of social media marketing, the ideal posting times are frequently contested.

Being timely, on the other hand, entails more than simply posting at the appropriate moment. It entails delivering the correct material at the right time to your customers.

Using seasonal material and utilizing current events are two examples of timeliness.

Consider every big retailer in the globe. They all take advantage of particular times of the year, such as Christmas and summer.

Why wouldn’t you do it?

Seasonal content enables you to stay timely while also producing content that people desire to see.

Not only that, but seasonal material can refer to both literal seasons and trends.

Are you familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

facebook post - example ALS image

The challenge drew a large number of participants, including McDonald’s and Pillsbury.

Their content was released at the perfect time. The content would not have been timely if they had waited six months to participate.

Consider current events, trends, and news when creating intriguing Facebook updates.

Look for opportunities for your company to participate.

Then sit back and wait for the likes and shares to come in.

4. Have a good time (If It Fits Your Brand, Product, and Campaign)

In marketing and advertising, humorous material will always have a role.

It is, nevertheless, possible to abuse it.

When done correctly, it can be extremely effective.

Take, for example, this post from McDonald’s, which portrays a Gen-Xer in an art museum.

Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts - Be Funny

Isn’t it amusing?

McDonald’s makes frequent use of comedy in its social media posts, resulting in a laid-back and relatable attitude as well as highly shareable material.

facebook post - chicken nugget in small pocket of jeans for mcdonalds

There isn’t any obnoxious, dark, or controversial humor here.

All of their humor is clean (and occasionally caustic), and it connects with their audience.

This, however, does not apply to all brands. UNICEF, for example, would not be able to utilize the same level of humour as McDonald’s.

perfect facebook post - unicef facebook page

Remember to be true to your brand when employing comedy.

If your branding is more official, tone down the comedy and maintain a more professional tone.

You can be a little more tolerant with comedy if your branding is more casual.

Even the most solemn businesses, though, can crack a joke now and then. Keep your branding consistent in everything you do.

5. Don’t Just Rely on Text

The days of text-only Facebook updates are over; we’ll leave that to Twitter.

Facebook posts are ideal for sharing a beautiful photo or video, and your audience will respond to it more than a simple text update.

Photos account for around 56% of all Facebook content. Despite this, according to Buffer, Facebook users watch over eight billion videos per day.

Text is still vital, but it shouldn’t be relied on exclusively.

This is one of two major blunders we’ve noticed in this area.

Some pages publish lengthy status updates and receive little response as a result.

Another common blunder is publishing photographs or videos without accompanying text.

Use the correct amount of text, usually one to two lines, together with a photo or video to obtain the best interaction.

If you look at high-performing pages, you’ll see that they follow this method to the letter. When there’s a particular occasion, most brands diverge.

Use these tools to make your Facebook video post stand out if you want to develop a high-performing Facebook video campaign.

  1. Animoto
  2. Magisto
  3. Shakr

Play around with it once you’ve mastered a few formats. Your followers may prefer one-sentence status updates, or they may prefer a whole paragraph with media.

Find out what your customers are interested in and go with it.

6. Start a Discussion

Too many posts are one-sided, but your readers want to interact with your material!

You may improve the performance of your post by asking questions, motivating responses, or even giving away free stuff in exchange for involvement.

Consider this example from Publix, which prompts users with a query before providing them with useful information.

Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts - Start a Conversation

You don’t have to make all of your status updates seem like this, but you should try to initiate a conversation with your followers.

You have the option of asking a question.

You have the ability to present a challenge.

You have the ability to give directions.

Anything that motivates your audience to take action, such as commenting on your post or visiting your website, can assist to increase engagement.

7. Hold giveaways or contests

Contests and giveaways are a terrific method to increase Facebook post engagement.

You have a better chance of attracting your users’ attention if you give them something in exchange for an activity.

Contests bring in an average of 34% new clients for brands, according to HubSpot.

Brands can also build their followers 70% faster by participating in contests.

To boost user involvement, try incorporating a contest in your next Facebook post.

Take, for example, this KFC Facebook post.

Tips for Writing Engaging Facebook Posts - Run Contests or Giveaways

KFC encourages its users to stay up to date with the channel by offering a variety of incentives, which promotes engagement for all of their postings.

Other contest strategies include asking your audience to tag their friends in order to increase the reach of your post and the number of people who follow you.

For brands with several sites, tagging specific places might help boost business in specialized areas.

When establishing your contest, think about what your target audience would be interested in.

A product, a discount, or even instructional content could be included.

Keep in mind that the prize must be exchanged for the requested activity.

Request that individuals tag a buddy if you want to gain additional followers. Ask users to enter your contest through your website if you want more website views.

Whatever you do, make sure you track your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions on Facebook

How do I get more people to see my Facebook posts?

Understanding your audience insights, creating material they want to see, and supplementing organic reach with paid advertising to build your audience are the best ways to have your Facebook posts seen.

Should my company make a Facebook post?

Yes, Facebook should be a key component of your total digital marketing plan. Not only does it offer advertising chances in and outside of Instagram, but it may also assist increase traffic to your website and improve user engagement.

What are the characteristics of the finest Facebook posts?

The greatest Facebook postings mix video, text, and photos, include links frequently, and employ engagement strategies to strengthen audience bonds.

How can I increase the number of likes on my Facebook posts?

Create engaging material, keep your posts short, engage to your audience, and hold competitions to increase the number of likes on your Facebook post. Are you looking for additional information? Check out our seven pointers for creating compelling content in the video above.

Conclusion on Facebook Posts

If you know how to use Facebook properly, it can be a really powerful tool.

Creating material that your audience wants to see is the best method to boost the performance of your Facebook posts. So, how do you go about doing that?

You can establish an engaging Facebook page that your audience will adore by studying your Facebook stats, identifying your audience’s pain points, and providing original material that speaks to their needs.

Follow the instructions above and keep track of your progress. Then it’s just a matter of testing, optimizing, and figuring out what works best for your company.

How do you interact with your Facebook followers?

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What makes a popular Facebook post?

Popularity is a hard thing to quantify. Its not always about the number of likes, shares, and comments on a post. The time that a post has been up for can also be an indicator of how popular it is.

How can I make my Facebook post more interesting?

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