Instagram Lets Users Co-Author Content & Share Likes

Instagram has introduced a new feature that lets users co-author content and share likes with other people. The new update is part of an effort to make the platform more interactive, as it allows users to see what their friends are liking or commenting on.

Instagram is now letting users co-author content and share likes with other users. This new feature allows for a more interactive experience on the platform. Read more in detail here: how to ask for collaboration on instagram sample.

Instagram is launching a “collab” feature that allows users to post photos collaboratively.

Each user receives engagement signals from the collab, which are shared between them.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the option to co-author material on Instagram for feed posts and Reels is currently being tested.

Collabs make it simple for users to reach new audiences while also deepening their bonds with other artists.

Influencer marketing is one example that comes to mind right away.

You may co-author an announcement post with a famous influencer and share all the engagement signals produced by their bigger audience if you’re a business releasing a product you worked on with them.


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Artists, developers, and marketers who already cooperate on projects and publish about their work on Instagram may find this helpful.

Collabs allows them to collect all of their likes and comments in one location.

If you have access to this new feature, here’s how to utilize it.

Collabs on Instagram: How to Use Them

In the account tagging page, you can see whether your account has Collabs access.

Select the option to tag individuals when creating a post.

If you have Collabs, you’ll see a new “Invite Collaborator” button on the tagging screen.

instagram collarsOctober 2021, screenshot from twitter.com/alexvoica/.

After you’ve chosen that option, you may ask another Instagram account to collaborate on the post as an official collaborator.


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When both names show in the post header and it is shared with both groups of followers, the invite is accepted.

The post or reel will appear on both accounts’ profile grids and will include organic data like as view count, like count, and comment thread.

Not Co-Creator, but Co-Author

It’s obvious on Instagram. Collabs is intended for co-authoring material rather than co-creation.

The material needs to be ready to go. Collabs may then be used to credit both parties for their contributions.

TikTok’s Duets is an excellent example of a feature intended for co-creating content to demonstrate the difference.

Duets enables users to add to the content of other users’ videos by recording a new one alongside the original.

It’s categorized as a creative tool since it can accomplish anything using in-app capabilities.

Duets and Collabs both help artists by exposing them to new audiences, which is something Instagram hasn’t always been excellent at.

That is not my opinion; it is a viewpoint held by the company’s CEO.

Will Collabs assist Instagram in resolving this issue?

In the next part, we’ll go over this in more detail.

Will Instagram become more like TikTok as a result of collabs?

Collabs seem to be a solution to one of Instagram’s major flaws: allowing users to develop followings without having an established audience.


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New users struggle to achieve exposure on Instagram, as CEO Adam Mosseri will tell you.

Instagram is particularly good at allowing well-known businesses and prominent personalities to maintain contact with a following they’ve established elsewhere.

It’s becoming more tough to utilize Instagram to grow a following from start.

Mosseri is frustrated because he wants Instagram to be as excellent as TikTok in showcasing new producers.

“Instagram is far better at assisting artists who have already established a following online. TikTok is superior at spotting fresh and emerging talent and assisting them in breaking through.

And we want to be exceptional at it. We’ve focused on it less in the past, but I’m pushing my teams to do a better job of looking after the small man.”


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Collabs has the potential to assist smaller accounts get visibility, but it needs them to have contacts with whom they may cooperate in the first place.

Collabs won’t provide as much value to people who aren’t well connected as they would to those who are, but it’s a step toward Mosseri’s aim of doing more for “the little man.”

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Instagram has been known to be a social media platform that is mainly used for sharing pictures. Now, Instagram is letting users co-author content and share likes. Reference: how to collaborate with influencers on instagram.

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