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Make a near-identical copy of any website with 10Web (elementor)


Today I want to review what seems to me to be a diamond in the rough., which has just been presented at APPsumo, is undoubtedly the best web development tool of 2021.

This is a bold statement, but I would argue that it is partly due to two main reasons.

First, it offers a lifetime subscription to what is essentially Elementor for unlimited websites. Note, however, that this is the basic version of Elementor – not the Pro version. This means that you can use a license for the Pro version.

So, you can reproduce any website to a certain extent and modify it as if it were your own thanks to the power of AI.

Reviews so far

At first, like most people, I was hesitant to look at because it currently has a bad rating on Appsumo – although digging a little deeper, it seems it has 2 reviews, one very positive and 2 negative from a user of their initial promotion. I’d like to thank him for his insightful review and opinion, it was very insightful, although to cut a long story short – the initial funders got a deal that was weak compared to this Appsumo offering, and he certainly wasn’t happy – like most people. Although 10web, has now announced that it will refund the $100 difference to each of the original backers to make amends, so I expect his assessment to change soon, as he said he wasn’t happy with their gesture.

They have an average rating of 4.8/5, on driver confidence, with 247 reviews over the year – with many people rating their accommodation fast, cheap and quality, and their amazing customer service.

Customer Service

I tried customer service and it took 8 seconds to talk to a person. That’s pretty good.

Elementor foundation

Elementor – So, works with a GPL licensed version of Elementor, which means that they have paid for the right to use, resell and modify the Elementor code. Thus, any updates made by Elementor are passed on to its users. Being a GPL license, Elementor does not have to provide support, it is and remains

Their comments mention the speed of the response and praise the support team.

Since this is essentially a reworked version of Elementor, with some additional tricks, all your previous plugins and add-ons will work with it without any problems. This means no loss on previous investments. If, like me, you’ve invested heavily in the Elementor ecosystem, that’s a big plus, as well as the fact that you won’t have to release any new tools.


I’ve mentioned other tips – 10web has its own optimization tools (but you can still use yours if you want) – that claim to give your site a 90+ speed for Google web pages.

To do this, they duplicate the site on a temporary subdomain while they work their magic, which means that your site suffers no interruption: once it’s up and running, it comes back to life.

I have tried it on a few sites to test it out and it works very well.

I was able to get a score of 90 on the first site, and on the second, performance doubled from 30 to 77, and load time was cut in half. The colour impressed me.

Of course, these initial results could be improved with further optimizations.

Additional features

They offer image optimization up to 100,000 images per month, website backup and security features.

Web management

In addition, all your sites, especially if you manage more than one, can be updated and tracked through the portal, a dream for any website manager who doesn’t need to spend every month on an additional web management program. Unfortunately, it does not include analytics, which would require a third-party program.

Cloning A Site

And now, the main trick of the party.

10web can rebuild most websites, saving hours and money.

Many clients come to me to design a website they have seen and tell me they want one exactly like this one.

Now there are two options in this situation: look for the same model and use it, although I am generally against models, as is often the case when they stop being supported after a year or two.

Or you could spend hours building the site from scratch, with the right colours, the right effects, the right fonts, the right types of images, the right backgrounds, and so on.

A good approach

With 10web, it takes 3 minutes and has a very good approximation of the location.

I have tested it on several sites, some of which are mine and some of which are from other companies. I found it worked best with simple sites (no stores, no news) – or with funnels. For funnels, it’s a dream come true.

Today, it is not flawless at all.

No Sitemap

First of all, it doesn’t create a sitemap, it just redesigns the page – so if there’s a message map, it’s fake – and the same goes for links – it’s just a text platform – but then it lets you go ahead and build the page from there – colours, fonts, positioning, everything is sorted. It can seriously cut development time in half.

Page templates

I’ve seen some reviewers complaining that the maximum page is 5 pages, but I think they’re missing the point. You don’t need to recreate the whole site, just the main elements that you can use as templates in Elementor: home page, post template, page template (e.g. about us), services/products page and archive – once you have those, you have a website.


10web offers very reasonable rates for hosting, starting at $59 per year per site, including SSL – although this is preferable for small organizations that seem to have 25,000 visitors per month – and you can use the hosting of your choice – just connect your site to 10web via a wordpress plugin – and you’re done.

Things to come

Looking at their current track record, they seem to have been very busy over the last few years, which is a good sign – and I was delighted to see that they will soon be launching vacation store features, which means you can get started right away if you’re setting up a duplicate online store.

I was sad to see that they don’t support loti animations, although they can be added manually if you dive into editing, because all your previous plugins work as usual.



For me it’s a safe buy. I’ve completely settled in and haven’t looked back.

The ability to work with my existing Elementor ecosystem, in which I have invested a lot, and the ability to start any project with its AI and optimization made me love this product. It may be the best purchase of the year.



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