AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages) Landing Page

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Get more traffic, leads and better SEO by using one of our analytics-driven single AMP Landing pages.

What is AMP?

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a mobile-first approach to website development. AMP concentrates on the speed of the website and user experience, thus increasing the page’s SEO and ranking. This makes AMP websites ideal for marketing or being used as landing pages.

But I don’t want to redo my whole website!

That’s fine, we can add an AMP page which can act as a landing page (collects user data, funnels users to a specific promotion, lead generation), and have it hosted under your domain, so it looks and acts as part of your website. This is an ideal cost-effective way of adding AMP to your business.

A/B testing AMP

All of our AMP pages come with an option to A/B test designs so that you get optimal results. Our AMP landing pages will serve both designs and provide results as to which design works best for you.


  • Take payments directly from AMP page – using stripe
  • FAST, the USP of AMP is how fast it is on mobiles, due to its lightweight infrastructure.
  • Lead Generation – you can capture emails, details and signups, directly from your AMP landing page.
  • Funnel – track and direct users to your money site, for a particular page or promotion.
  • A/B testing – Create multiple designs, and test them all to serve the one which converts best