SEO has moved on and is now a lot more than just backlinks and optimised sites. 

It is about every aspect of your online presence all working together in harmony, which add up to providing users with continuous quality and positive experiences. 

[IMPORTANT: While we will work our best to get you the highest possible ranking – there are no guarantees of success, but we will promise you we will do our best, implementing our 15 years of experience to give you the boost and success you deserve]

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Taking Back Control - More than SEO

We achieve ranking success by taking back control of all areas of your online presence – re-evaluating their value, and reforming your brand exposure.

Setting up social media's correctly
Posting high quality content regular times a day across all social.
Increasing your online reviews via reputation management
Building a network of directories and web.20 platforms
Original content creation
Targeting high volume questions and providing the answers
Build Domain Authority
Connecting with important influencers
Reworking the website for a better UX
Increasing load times for website
Creating guest posts and building a backlink strategy
Increase Social Following
Conversion tracking & evaluation
Correct schema markup
Creating Shareable Video Content
Deffering Non inportant Javascrips and CSS

How Much Does This Cost?

Similar to how a tree needs light, carbon dioxide, water, nutrients to grow over time – your website requires a variety of needs over a period of time, to organically grow and improve.  New content, low bounce rate, conversions, social media, backlinks etc. 

We charge on a monthly basis, rolling but keep our fees low – so low in fact that we are sure you can not find someone offering what we do anywhere near at the rate we offer.

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If you wish to know more, please get in touch to let us know a little about your organisation, to see if it would be a suitable fit.

Web Design | London

Client Testimonials

As a 5⭐ rated agency, we are only happy when our clients are happy, and that is ALL THE TIME. 

ImogenForever And A Day Events
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"5 stars simply is not enough to describe how helpful and knowledgeable Egghead Designs are.They was recommended to us after a really unfortunate experience with another web design company. We decided we needed to start again and we could not have stumbled upon a better company to work with."
ClaireRebel Nineteen
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"We gave a rough idea of what we wanted and left them to it - the end result being our website which we are over the moon with, it really was one of our best business decisions! Thank you, thank you, thank you Alex!"
AlexWhole Education
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"I can't emphasise enough how much we loved working with Egghead Designs! Redesigning our charity's website from scratch. Right from the off they understood our needs and was flexible and creative around them."

Our Services

We offer a wide selection of web design services, design, brand marketing and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsive web design is creating a website that provides a fantastic user experience, no matter the device screen size (or browser) it is viewed upon.
Most devices fall within 3 categories, a desktop computer, a tablet device and mobile devices – but there is a large overlap in-between and a responsive web design shoulder cater for the whole spectrum.

Responsive design is about looking at design language from all angles, rather than just a computer screen – and allowing for a great experience, no matter the screensize it is viewed upon.

All of our Egghead Design websites come with a CMS (content management system), in this case we specialise in WordPress.

Additionally we also provide training on how to use your new site with the CMS. No time? Then alternatively  we offer a web management service for those who wish to be more hands off and have that extra peace of mind of us taking care of things.

Web hosting is the place your website is stored. It is like a hard disk in the sky.

Choosing a good web host is important, as directly affects the speed of your website, which in turn affects the SEO ranking of your site and the traffic you will receive.

Glad you asked. We have written an article on this, outlining the basics of SEO and ptions you can take to better your website.

Unlike most web design companies, we do not force restriction of any rights regarding your content. You paid for it, you own it.

Our advanced search engine (SEO) techniques incorporate Ai learning and analysis to better your competition.

Great SEO comes from great, original content – we can help you towards your desired ranking across search engines by using Ai learning to study your content, and the content of your competitors to find areas in which you can improve upon.

Our Ai bot will additionally suggest areas you may not have considered which should be included within your content, or web design, giving you the advantage.

Websites need to be updated often to the latest versions of their software, for security and stability reasons. Having a managed website means that we take care of all the tedious tasks involved in keeping your website ticking. 

You found us. For quality vs value for money, we are sure you will not find a better option than an Egghead Designs we designer. Our technical skills are simply the best when you are looking for responsive web design.

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