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What is Ai SEO?

AI (artificial intelligence) and SEO (search engine optimisation) is a powerful mix for anyone wishing to stay ahead of the ever-increasing intelligent Google curb, allowing them to keep up with Google (and other search engines…Bing) that constantly incorporate machine learning into their services and products.

Goodbye Black Hat

This is because search engines have become smarter in identifying keyword stuffing and unimportant backlinks and assessing the quality of content.

Cluster analysis

Online marketers need to utilise AI-powered SEO strategies to fulfil the requirements of search engines and improve their online rankings.

Cluster analysis (left) can help you develop subject clusters that assist online search engine to recognise pages related to a particular subject, thereby enhancing your page rank.

How does it work?

Egghead Designs uses Ai to scan your focus keywords, your primary topics and then seek out your competitors, and those in your respective business sphere, to see how you rank up against them in terms of content creation. Our Ai then suggests key points that have been overlooked and additional aspects which you’re give you the smart content edge.

Deep Learning for User Experience

The insights from the cluster analysis can be utilised to anticipate how search engines will respond to the page and make the essential modifications to your keyword research and SEO strategy, and act as a major ranking factor for your SEO content. These SEO tools are not just the future of Seo, they are required now by all SEO specialists for quality content optimisation 

A better experience

With search engines believing more like real human users, they can determine whether your page will provide users with a favourable UX (user experience) or not.

This means when a user inputs a search query, search engines want to make sure they serve up: Relevant and authoritative content Pages with appropriate structure Pages with simple navigation Pages that load quickly Mobile-friendly websites If users can delight in a personalized experience on your website, this will increase dwell time, decrease the bounce rate and motivate sharing your material, making it a very effective SEO strategy.

Both are signals to search engines that your material deserves ranking greater on SERPs.

Pricing Plan

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Ai SEO Content Creation
Small site (1-5 pages)

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large site (10+ pages)

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£90 pm