Copywriting Services

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    Copywriting made simple

    Looking for some compelling copy for your social media platforms? or need SEO copywriting for your website landing page or blog post? Our copywriting service has you covered.

    Experienced in writing not just good copy, but great copy to reach your niche target audience, we know how to sweet talk to your new potential customer, through persuasive copy, into loving your brand.

    Copywriting areas we cover:

    Social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GMB)

    As well as social media management, we also create custom copy, written to gain traction with your target audience, through your preferred social channels, with the aim of increasing brand awareness, raising engagement, and providing sharable content.

    Email Bulletins (& direct mail)

    Emails come in all shapes and sizes, from general notifications to users (onboarding, funnels), internal company news bulletins, and business to client news bulletins. We cater for all of the above, using some of the latest email bulletin technology. We even have an AI that serves each of your users custom email bulletins, geared towards their own interests (cool, eh?), thus dramatically increasing open rates and lowering unsubscriber amounts.

    PPC Advertising

    Need copy that clicks? Unlike organic, PPC (pay per click) advertising is all about writing copy that stands out from the crowd. We try to understand the buyer persona of your target audience (what makes them tick?), thus not only getting you more traffic but keeping your advertising costs down, due to understanding user intent and increasing your click-through rate (CTR).

    Website Metadata

    Webpage descriptions and titles are almost as important as the copy in them, if not more so, as it’s the first contact your potential client will see regarding your services, as well as determines how Google and other search engines, choose to display your content.

    Search Engine Optimised Copy

    Writing for the web is all about answering questions. If you can provide content (landing pages or blog posts) that is authoritative, is laid out correctly for easy user skim reading, logically categorized, and is backed by sources and citations, then you are off to a great start to getting that coveted #1 spot. At Egghead Designs, we pay a lot of attention to making sure that the content we produce is fully searched engine optmised.

    An unfair advantage

    We use a combination of copywriting tools to give you the advantage. From the powerful custom AI of MarketMuse to research in-depth data, and cluster keywords that your competitors have missed, to GPT3 neural network applications for subject research, you can be assured that with our content writing, you will be one step ahead of the game.


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    We work with you closely, to learn about your audience, goals, strengths and areas of improvement, to put your company on the digital map.