Search Engine Optimisation

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    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has moved on and is now a lot more than just backlink building and adding a few keywords. It is about every aspect of your online presence all working together in harmony, which adds up to providing users with continuous quality and positive experiences.

    Our Search Engine Optimisation service consists of 4 SEO aspects that we perform for you across your website, which work together to drive traffic to your site.

    These 4 SEO points we focus on are:

    Local Seo

    As a local business, local SEO is your best friend. The aim here is to get the top spot in the local search engine results page, for your organisation in the local area. This is acheived by keeping the local directories constant, optimising your Google My Business page for your sector, and setting up and AI-powered email system to request reviews from your clients.

    Onsite SEO

    Onsite SEO (technical SEO) is the practice of optimising everything within your website design to work best for your product/service, the user’s journey and intent, and the ability for Google to index you well. The key factors for onsite SEO are:

    • Does your website function well for the user experience (UX)?
    • Is it fast according to google’s algorithm?
    • Are your using relevant meta tags and meta description?
    • Are you using the correct anchor text for links?
    • Are your assets using the correct alt text?
    • Are you getting the correct keyword phrase (user intent)?

    Off-site SEO

    The goal of off-site SEO is to build authority through link building, marketing your site for optimal search engine optimization (SEO), and collaborating with other websites that are relevant. Having high authority sites linking back to your website gives you some great SEO juice!

    • Social media management and content creations.
    • Keeping your company’s data up to date on external websites (directories, blogs, social media)
    • Building a backlink network, with relevant anchor text linking to your site, for better SEO.
    • Monitoring your search traffic for any abnormalities affecting your search engine ranking.
    • Building up domain authority.

    Social Media

    Egghead Designs provides social media management services to support your SEO effort. We will create an account on every type of platform you need to be a success and manage it for you, from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GMB. With our team of professionals managing your accounts 24 hours a day, you don’t have to worry about missing out the current trends in marketing, as we will keep your users updated for you,


    A website requires a variety of needs over a period of time, to grow organic traffic and improve your SEO strategy, which is why this is an ongoing service.

    We charge on a monthly basis, rolling but keep our fees low, average around £300 per month – so low in fact that we are sure you can not find someone offering what we do anywhere near at the rate we offer.

    To find out more about how we can help drive traffic to your website, please gte in touch with one of our representatives.



    We work with you closely, to learn about your audience, goals, strengths and areas of improvement, to put your company on the digital map.