Website Design Surrey

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    Web Design Surrey

    We are a leading company in Web Design Surrey with the most satisfied clients. We use cutting-edge design techniques to help you stand out from the crowd and get your website working for you not against you.

    Whether it’s website development, web design or SEO, we have been serving our clients successfully for 15 years.

    A little About Us

    Egghead Designs is a Surrey based web design and web development agency, providing fresh, creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online.

    We specialise in interactive web design and SEO services to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site.

    Ideally situated in the London area, our website design company is easily contactable to answer any queries you may have regarding your website design, SEO or aftercare website management.

    All of our websites are custom-made, based on the WordPress website CMS for best SEO, and allowing for complete flexibility in design and layout, not cookie-cutter templates here, simply elegant design and responsive design.

    Web Design Surrey

    What is the Website Design process?

    Web design agency Surrey

    Egghead Designs is a web design company in Surrey, England that specializes in providing high-quality customized websites. The company’s approach has been tested and refined across many industries, and they have a reputation for providing top-quality results.

    Our WordPress coding is fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly.

    Egghead Designs offers a customised design process from start to finish that meets the specific needs of each client.

    There are several simple steps for the design process of your new site that our website design agency London will go through with you:

    1. Website Design consultation

    The first step is to touch base and tell us about your company, your target audience, and the type of function you wish for your web pages to have. This allows us to understand the scope and scale of the site so that our website design agency in London can provide you with an unbeatable custom quote.

    Different types of websites:

    There are many types of design of websites, and each of those have many unique functions. Understanding what the purpose of your new site is to be, is key to stepping the in the right direction to brand site success. Here are the main types of sites:

    • An ecommerce website design(think Amazon)
    • A trade or business web page for getting new clients through local SEO (think local builder)
    • A sales funnel/landing page (with upsells and tracking) (think single product sales or Saas)
    • An appointment booking site (think hair salon or beautician)
    • An events’ microsite (think Reading festival)
    • A promotional site (think brand launches)
    • A personal resume site (think showcasing your works)
    • A news/magazine site (Think BBC)
    • A directory style site (think Yell)

    2. SEO Content research and creation

    What makes our website design company stand out

    Unlike most web design companies, we put a lot of effort into SEO preparation to give you the best ranking on search engines possible. Before even writing a line of code, we need to learn about your target audience, so we can target your new site and content towards them.

    Keyword research is the key here. We need to research which keywords are ranking high for local SEO, yet which have low competition, allowing for us to create your content around that. In short, the more high-volume keywords you rank for, the more potential customers you will have. It is important to concentrate on content creation before site design, so we get an understanding as to where all the content will be housed for an optimal user experience.

    3. Website layout and design

    Making a sitemap

    The first step in design is mapping out the sitemap. Simply put, this is the order of pages and how they are connected to each other, to make the user journey through your site logical and a pleasant experience.

    Website design sequence

    Design Process

    Knowing the type of client we are focusing on, allows us to create an ideal graphic design to target that use, with bespoke visual elements to pander to that audience. This focus on bespoke website design and targetted consumer-centric search engine optimisation has allowed us to help many companies achieve amazing success, time and time again.

    Brand Identity

    We will create a brand identity, with set fonts, colours and image styles of you do not have one already. During this process, your input is much appreciated, as no-one knows your company and brand image better than you do.

    Rolling out the design

    Your web designer will create the homepage design first, as use this as the testing ground for the brand style guidelines. Once we are satisfied with the look and feel, and you have given the green light, we will proceed to create the rest of the web pages under these brand styles.

    4. Website testing

    Responsive website

    The final stage before launch is testing the website. We test the website across multiple web browsers, and device types (mobile devices, tablets, laptops), ensuring that user experience and usability are excellent, no matter how the user experiences your website, through responsive design. Our website design agency London takes the utmost care to make sure that your users get a premium experience, every time.

    UX Design

    Our website design company will also check that the user experience choices were the best option for you through testing the user journey, and making amendments where needed.

    Why do we stand out from the crowd?

    We stand out from the crowd because we focus on the user experience. Our websites are built to be fast, intuitive and easy to use. Our design is minimal, clean and simple. We’re obsessed with the user experience and we’re obsessed with the user.

    Egghead Designs creates tailor-made websites that help businesses stand out from the crowd.

    Your website is the first point of contact potential customers have with your brand. A poorly-designed site will lead them to your competitors. The design comes first, clear messaging and calls-to-action are key for user-friendliness.

    Website speed can affect whether or not customers decide to make a purchase, this is why you aim to make blazing fast sites, that rank.

    It is important to choose a web design company that is experienced and reputable, which is why Egghead Designs is an award-winning web design company.

    SEO in Surrey

    Our web design process is aimed at getting results

    Our web design process is geared towards getting results. We take time to understand who your target audience is and what message you’re trying to convey.

    Our digital marketing and SEO services can help you grow your online presence and make sure your investment is helping you achieve your business goals.

    Benefiting from our team’s vast knowledge and experience, we are experts in branding, web design, and digital marketing.

    Before we start work on any website, we provide an SEO audit to help you understand your site’s current positioning and how we can improve it.

    We use an industry-leading methodology, A.I and design skills to help us achieve the most effective results for your business.

    Our team of experts are passionate about providing the highest quality web design services possible.

    We don’t just build websites in Surrey, we help you establish and grow your business.

    We are experts in designing an effective and engaging website. Our eye-catching designs allow people to connect and feel a certain emotion when they visit your website. We create websites for many types of businesses and industries, no matter how big or small.

    Our team of experienced professionals will help you create a website that meets your specific needs and reflects your unique brand.

    We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of any business size or genre.

    We provide business solutions for people who want to make a difference.

    We build websites that work and look great.

    We are experts in online marketing, SEO, and PPC.

    Small Business Website Design, SEO, Online Advertising, Branding

    Egghead Designs specialises in small business websites and provide custom website design and online marketing services (SEO & online advertising.

    Web Design: Egghead Designs Websites provides effective, contemporary, and tasteful website design that is best suited for your business.

    SEO: Get found online with Google and other major search engines by optimizing your website for search engine optimization.

    Online Advertising: Cost-effective, result-driven online marketing that is tailored to your business needs.

    Social Media: We provide social media services and training. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube are all available for your small business use – be sure to measure the effectiveness of each before committing to a plan of action!

    Web Programming: Reliable programmers will partner with you to create a website that is both user-friendly and professional.

    Website Management: We offer a website management service, which means you need not worry about backups, updates or fixing issues, as we have you covered.

    Domain Registration: Egghead Designs offers high-end hosting servers, deal with real people, and provide reliable support for your website needs.

    E-Commerce: Sell your products on the web through Egghead Designs eCommerce capabilities.

    Branding: Logos, business cards, letterhead, vehicle wraps & brochures – all of which can be customized according to your specific business needs!

    Award-winning website design in Surrey

    As an award-winning web design company in Surrey, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with our wealth of experience and talent.

    Professional WordPress Developers

    Egghead Designs specialises in the creation of professional business websites using WordPress CMS (content management system)

    Our web developers are talented and eloquent, and every website they create is innovative and excellent.

    All of our website designs come with training on how to use your new site

    All of our website designs come with professional onboarding to help your website succeed.

    This includes instructional videos for signing in, accessing your account, editing the site and managing your content.

    You can also get help setting up your blog and creating a custom home page.

    We’ll be available to answer any questions you have about using the site throughout the process.

    Our hosting packages are fast, secure and affordable

    We include an SSL certificate with every website plan, free email and support.

    We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee and ISO 27018 compliance for security.

    Backups are automatically saved and versioned so any changes made will be safe and secure.

    Website design and hosting (optional) is provided for a price.

    The importance of mobile SEO in 2022

    80% of all internet searches in the UK happen through Google

    You need a responsive website that is easily accessible to get a better SERP ranking. Google will place you higher if your site is responsive and accessible

    Google and other search engines are now “mobile-first indexing” so that their process of indexing pages is in sync with most people’s browsing habits. This means that they’ll start to evaluate your mobile site before considering anything else – which (in the long-term) should mean higher rankings and more people find your content. This is why mobile SEO should be a key part of your web design and development strategy

    We Provide local citations to help your SEO?

    A citation is a reference to a page on your website. It is similar to a link but is designed to be more relevant to a specific page on your site. Citations can be used to help the search engines understand the contents of your website.

    How much does a website cost?

    Our Website Design London Prices

    A website can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, depending on your specific needs. Website creation has become more affordable over the years, which has resulted in a proliferation of sites online.

    Our web design London agency offers the lowest website design prices for the highest standard of custom web design around.

    Each site is unique, with different functions, levels of SEO, custom graphics, and demands. So to offer the best value to you, we price our web designs based on those attributes.

    With that said, as a rule of thumb, on average each page for the new website cost’s about £150-£200, though special pricing can be arrange for larger projects.



    We work with you closely, to learn about your audience, goals, strengths and areas of improvement, to put your company on the digital map.