The Marketer’s Guide To SlideShare

In the past, marketers typically used links to drive traffic to their websites. This focused on the existing customers of the company. As a marketing strategy, this was relatively effective. But these days, companies are no longer just competing with their competitors, but are also competing with companies who are offering alternative solutions. One such option is SlideShare, which allows companies to generate more leads, leads that are likely to convert, than traditional marketing methods.

Marketing on SlideShare is a vital part of the business for marketers of all sizes. With the popularity of the service on the rise, and the traffic statistics being what they are, it’s important to keep up with trends, even those you may not be interested in. The proper SlideShare marketing strategy will help you ensure your content is as seen as possible.

We all know that social media marketing is a big deal. In fact, it’s the way to go. But how do you take your social media marketing to the next level? In this article, we’ll discuss six ways to use SlideShare to increase your social media reach and to make your marketing more effective.

Slideshare: What it is and How Marketers Can Use It

The internet is mostly a visual medium. In the absence of body language, social cues, and auditory tone, visual content is the most effective way to interact with your users.

Every now and again, an online platform emerges that makes showcasing your visual material on the internet easier than ever.

One such example is SlideShare. 

The presentation-sharing platform has made it easy to market visual content while simultaneously encouraging user participation.

We’ll show you how to utilize SlideShare, why it’s important to marketers, and how you can use it to produce fantastic content for your company in this post.

Let’s get this party started.

What Is SlideShare and How Does It Work?

SlideShare is a content-sharing tool that lets you post and share multimedia presentations on your website or social media profiles. Presentations, infographics, movies, and documents are all compatible with the platform. 

While SlideShare isn’t a content creation tool, it does support existing content formats including Google Slides, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

SlideShare is best recognized as a comprehensive educational platform that makes it simple to share presentations and webinars over the internet. 

Here are a some of the most popular SlideShare applications:

  • to make online webinars or training materials available to others
  • as a presentation visualization tool
  • to publicize a product or service
  • to promote newsletter subscriptions and encourage new signups
  • to display visual items like guides and brochures

After being acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, the company was later purchased by Scribd, an audiobook subscription site.

SlideShare is still free to use, and anyone may make a presentation to share privately or publicly. 

What Are the Benefits of Using SlideShare for Marketing?

SlideShare provides marketers with a novel and interactive way to display content online. You may create an entirely new content type to engage your viewers by adding a presentation to your blog entries, web pages, and social network feeds.

SlideShare also makes it straightforward to present lengthier, more complex content. Users can easily upload and show webinars or presentations for them to view at their leisure. 

You might think of these presentations as a more interactive version of an infographic. 

It’s also worth noting that SlideShare has an 80 million-strong user base. The majority of its users are business professionals, and the following are the most often searched tags:

  • #market
  • #business
  • #statistics
  • #socialmedia

SlideShare also receives 500% more business traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. This is a significant plus for B2B marketers wanting to connect with the right people. 

Use SlideShare for Marketing in 5 Ways

Now that you know what SlideShare is and why it’s crucial to marketers, it’s time to learn how to make a presentation that’s both effective and successful. 

When utilizing SlideShare for marketing, there are five procedures to follow.

1. Make Use of Visual Media

Anyone who has ever created a PowerPoint presentation understands that they should be text-light. This is especially critical when organizing your presentation for SlideShare, because online users tend to lose attention on text-heavy information.

The 5/5/5 rule is a general guideline to follow when making any form of presentation:

  • 5 words per text line
  • Each slide has 5 lines of text.
  • 5 slides with a lot of text in a row

Use largely visual information and keep your prose brief and succinct in your SlideShare presentation to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Visual metaphors can also be employed to reinforce your presentation’s message. The image below shows an example of a visual metaphor.

Strategies to Use SlideShare for Marketing - Use Visual Content

2. Include a call-to-action (CTA) (CTA)

Your SlideShare presentation should serve as part of your sales funnel, guiding prospects through the stages of educating, nurturing, and persuasion. You’ll need to incorporate calls to action (CTAs) throughout your content to properly move your clients through these phases.

A call to action (CTA) can be anything from a request to contact your company to a link to sign up for a free trial. You might also request that your buyer join your email list or go to your website.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s strategically placed where your buyer can see it. Also, provide a benefit-forward statement that explains how your consumer will benefit from their click.


3. Keep your presentation brief and to the point.

Given the short attention spans of online readers, it’s critical to keep your presentation brief in order to keep your audience engaged.

Long or bulky presentations will reduce reader attention, resulting in a loss of leads for your company. Shorter presentations are easier to absorb and increase the likelihood that your final CTA will be seen by the reader.

Shorter visual content is more effective on SlideShare’s platform, according to the company.

Strategies to Use SlideShare for Marketing - Keep Your Presentation Short and Sweet

4. Make content decisions based on customer pain points.

Understanding your customers’ pain concerns is the first step in choosing the type of information you should share in your SlideShare: 

  • What do your customers expect from your business? 
  • What kinds of things do they like to watch?
  • How can you use SlideShare content to enhance your relationship with them?

Conduct consumer research before publishing your content to learn what your leads are looking for and why.

Give it to them once you’ve figured out what they’re looking for. It’s truly that simple.

5. Use keywords in your tags and descriptions.

Presentation descriptions and tags are included in SlideShare. When submitting your content, be sure to take use of these options.

Including keywords in your SlideShare descriptions and tags will aid your SEO efforts and guarantee that the correct people view your presentation. Try Ubersuggest if you’re looking for a keyword research tool.

SlideShare is a great place to find marketing advice and best practices. 

When used effectively, SlideShare may be a marketer’s best friend. Here are some SlideShare recommended practices to help you get started:

  • Source high-quality photos and fonts: Because this is such a visual platform, it’s critical that your presentation looks polished and professional. Users will be turned off by grainy or low-quality photos, difficult-to-read typography, or poor design.
  • Make your presentation easy to understand: As previously stated, don’t go overboard with text, presentations, or graphics. Your users expect content that is simple to understand and assimilate. You have a better chance of converting them if you offer them what they want as quickly as possible.
  • Begin with a bang: Consider your presentation to be an essay. You should start with your thesis and continue to reiterate your argument throughout your slides. Users will click away and lose interest if it isn’t evident what you’re attempting to express right away. To immediately catch your viewer, begin your presentation with your core point and strongest visual. 
  • Measure your results: In marketing, everything boils down to the numbers. Make use of any analytical abilities you have and A/B test and optimize your SlideShare content on a regular basis.

Great Marketing SlideShares Examples 

You’re almost ready to take over the world of SlideShare! To get you started, here are a few success tales.

Neutron LLC’s The Brand Gap

Neutron LLC’s The Brand Gap is a wonderfully designed SlideShare that delves into the origins of some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

Because it combines outstanding visual design with basic language to offer a clear, concise message, this presentation is a success. The copy’s conversational tone encourages readers to keep progressing through the presentation, which concludes with a straightforward CTA.

While this presentation is lengthier than we recommend, Neutron LLC is able to get away with it thanks to its excellent design and messaging. 

Google’s Operation by Google

Google’s How It Works is a clever and successful presentation that demonstrates how Google runs as a forward-thinking organization. 

Throughout the presentation, Google employed wholly original and distinctive graphics to convey clear visual analogies. Every presentation features Google’s logo colors, establishing the company’s image in the minds of viewers.

Jesse Desjardins’ You Suck At Powerpoint

Jesse Desjardins’ You Suck At Powerpoint is a humorous design presentation that tells you everything you’ve done wrong in previous presentations.

This example, which relies on visual metaphor, is amusing, succinct, and clear in its message. 

Jesse not only informs you what you’ve been doing incorrectly, but he also shows you how to correct it. His information is on the last slide if you can’t do it yourself.

Resources on SlideShare

How to Make a SlideShare Presentation and Share It

Are you prepared to make your first presentation? These are the actions to take!

  1. Sign up for a SlideShare account.

    Signing up for a SlideShare account is the first step in producing and publishing your first presentation. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can sign in with that account. You’ll need to create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one in order to use the platform.

  2. Make a PowerPoint Presentation

    Make sure you use the same fonts and colors throughout your presentation. To guarantee continuity across your content, it’s usually a good idea to include your own branding assets while constructing your presentation. Create an intro and outro slide for the beginning and end of your presentation, and don’t forget to include a CTA to keep your audience engaged beyond the presentation. 

  3. Upload Your Powerpoint Presentation

    It’s time to upload your presentation to the site once you’ve completed generating it. Your presentation can be uploaded as a Google Slide, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF. If you want your presentation to go online at a specified time, you can schedule it on SlideShare. Once it’s live, make sure to advertise it widely and share it on social media to assure a broad audience.

Frequently Asked Questions on SlideShare

What is the cost of using SlideShare?

Anyone can use it for free.

Is it possible to make money with SlideShare?

No, not directly. SlideShare does not pay users for advertisements, and there is no way to profit directly from the platform. However, by strategically integrating CTAs and actionable points in your presentations, you can obtain a return on your investment.

What are the drawbacks of using SlideShare?

It doesn’t have any built-in revenue methods for its users, and it doesn’t have any built-in analytics measurement. 

What’s the difference between PowerPoint and SlideShare?

SlideShare is a website that allows you to share your presentations with the rest of the world. PowerPoint is merely a presentation-making tool. 

Conclusion on SlideShare for Marketing

SlideShare is a visual content sharing platform that allows you to share educational presentations with the rest of the world.

It’s a terrific approach to engage your audience and move customers through your sales funnel because internet readers demand quick and easy information.

Have you had any luck with SlideShare?

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SlideShare is a popular site that allows users to upload files, which are then available for all to view. While the site is a great tool for sharing information, it can also be especially useful for promoting your business. For example, it can be used to show your recent work or to entice your clients to view your portfolio. However, to do so effectively, you need to know how to use SlideShare to drive traffic to your site, not only from your own audience, but also others’ websites.. Read more about slide share ppt and let us know what you think.

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